cake care guide

how to store your cake

Your cake is best displayed just before the start of your event, in an air conditioned room away from direct sunlight. 

If have received your cake in advance store it in the fridge. 

Do not leave your cake near direct heat or sunlight or your icing will melt and it will affect the structure of your cake.

To maximise freshness we recommend eating your cake on the day but if you do have left overs glad wrap the slices and pop them in an air tight container in the fridge. 

Your leftovers should be eaten within two days of receiving.

Allergen statment

Our delicious products are created where they have or could have come into contact with nuts, gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs and other allergens. Please keep this in mind.

how to travel with your cake

Although your cake is built to travel - it is a delicate product and requires care when driving. Especially when turning corners and driving over bumps.

Always transport your cake on a flat surface of the car such as the boot or the floor of the front passenger seat. Ensure there is nothing that can slide into or fall on top of the cake box.

DO NOT put a cake on the seat of your car or  have someone hold it- this is not flat.

If travelling long distance I will provide a non-slip mat to place underneath the cake box to stop it from sliding around.

5 minutes prior to removing the cake from the fridge and moving it to the car, turn the air-conditioning in the car on maximum to allow the temperature inside the car to cool down. 

Keep the air-conditioning on maximum level for the duration of the drive. Your aim is to keep the cake cold for as long as possible- cakes are perishable and require cool temperatures.

how to cut your cake

If there are any inedible cake toppers remove now, discard a thin layer of icing off the top if there are fresh flowers.

1. Dip the cutting knife in hot water, wipe off excess water. Slice a 1 inch slab and lay it flat on a chopping board.

2. Cut the slab into 2 inch slices.

3. Cut each 2 inch slice in half so that each single dessert serve has 2 layers of cake and 1 layer of filling. Repeat the process.

4. For coffee serves (half a dessert serve) cut each single dessert serve in half.